World Records

Archery World Records

World, Olympic and Paralympic records for the sport of archery.

Athletics World Records

World records in athletics are ratified by the International Association of Athletics Federations.

Abseiling World Records

Check out some of the coolest and quirkiest abseiling world records and videos.

Arts & Crafts

From the world's most expensive painting to the largest crochet blanket, creativity knows no bounds with these incredible Guinness World Records titles.

Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records, known from its inception in 1955 until 2000 as The Guinness Book of Records and in previous United States editions as The Guinness Book of World Records, is a reference book published annually, listing world records both of human achievements and the extremes of the natural world.

Guinness World Records Museum

From the Largest Work of Art to the Lowest Limbo… Record-breaking facts and feats documented by the best selling copyrighted book in the world come to life at the Guinness World Records Museum in Hollywood. 

Golf World Records

Golf world records feature PGA-worthy stars showing off their best driving and putting. But if you've never set foot on a fairway, you can still compete with the champs in the areas of golf ball balancing, bouncing and stacking.

Gymnastics World Records

Handstands, cartwheels, backflips, handsprings -- gymnastics world records are a rough-and-tumble lot, involving athletes with amazing strength, flexibility and daring. Leotards and judges aren't required, but bravery, bouncing and stilts are most welcome.

The International World Record Breakers' Club

Information about unusual world records, rules for record attempts, online shop for record books (the Guinness World Records book etc.), hints for record breakers, international record festivals, record statistics, record breakers club

Tennis World Records

Tennis world records go beyond the game and take advantage of the versatility of tennis balls and rackets. Bouncing, balancing, twirling and juggling all feature prominently. No need to worry if your skills don't match up to Serena Williams or Rafael Nadal - a bit of creativity will see you rise up the ranks.

Tattoo World Records

Check out some of the coolest and quirkiest tattoo world records and videos.

Train World Records

Check out some of the coolest and quirkiest train world records and videos.

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